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What is it and how do we get it:

Rabies is a viral rare, but very serious infection of the brain and nerves. It's usually caught from the bite or scratch of an infected animal, most often a dog, bat, fox or monkey.

Rabies is found throughout the world, particularly in Asia, Africa and Central and South America. The typical incubation period after being infected is three to eight weeks, but it can be as little as nine days or as long as several years in some rare cases. If bitten by an animal, due to seriousness of the condition, you need to go to hospital.

Symptoms of Rabies:

The first symptoms can include: a high temperature of 38C or above, a headache, feeling anxious or generally unwell in some cases, discomfort at the site of the bite.

Other symptoms appear a few days later, such as: confusion or aggressive behaviour, seeing or hearing things (hallucinations), producing lots of saliva or frothing at the mouth, muscle spasms difficulty swallowing and breathing. The virus enters body through direct wound and travels through nerve to brain, once reached brain it is fatal.

Childhood/ Routine Immunization program in the United Kingdom:

Not offered in the United Kingdom

Travellers going to destinations with Rabies outbreaks:

Travellers wishing to leave in 3 weeks’ time You receive the first dose, followed by booster at 7th day and either 21st day or the 28th day. Then you will be protected for 2 years
Travellers wishing to leave in less than 3 weeks’ time and have not had Rabies vaccination before You receive the above doses but in order to get maximum protection, you need 3 doses altogether. If you don’t get all 3 doses, you still have some protection so take extra precaution (do not touch dogs!)
Travellers whom had 3 doses of Rabies but more than 2 years ago You just need one booster. Sometimes you will be referred to GP to check your Anti Rabies antibodies to see if you are still protected or not.
Travellers not sure if they had any doses before You should receive all 3 doses

Inclusion and Exclusion list:

For patients above age 1 years and over. There are inclusion and exclusion list that will be discussed with you during your appointment. You will be asked to fill in an assessment form with all your vaccination history details as well as any medical condition. Also we will go through any allergic reactions you might have. You can download the form here or you can fill it in during your appointment.

Name of the Vaccines subject to availabilities:

Name of the Vaccine Type of Vaccine Schedule (see notes above) Price per schedule including consultation
Rabipur inactivated, strain virus 3 doses £52

Please note Rabies vaccine may also be used as post exposure vaccination against rabies as well but in different doses and concentrations.

Side effects:

The most common side effects are local reactions (pain, erythema, induration and oedema) within 48 hours after vaccination, and persisting for 1-2 days. Very common (more than 1 in 10 persons) As above also pain, redness, hardening of the skin, swelling of the nodule, Dizziness (vertigo), feeling sick and being sick, headache.

Please visit http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/destinations.aspx, after putting your destinations, this website will advise you which vaccines are needed. This website is regularly updated and is authorised by NHS.

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