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Yellow Fever
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What is Yellow Fever and how do we get it:

The disease is caused by the yellow fever virus.

Yellow fever begins after an incubation period of three to six days. Yellow fever virus is transmitted to people primarily through the bite of infected Aedes or Haemagogus species mosquitoes.Yellow Fever Risk Areas

Some countries demand a yellow fever certificate from travellers as a condition of entry to their country. There is a list of countries affected by Yellow Fever and it is necessary to be vaccinated at least 10 days before travelling to these countries. If you have been in those countries before and you intend to travel to a country not affected by the virus, you will need a certificate that you have had the vaccine, before you will be permitted into their countries.

Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis (JE):

Most cases only cause a mild infection with fever, headache, chills, back pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting.[13] In these cases, the infection lasts only three to four days.

In 15% of cases, however, people enter a second, toxic phase of the disease with recurring fever, this time accompanied by jaundice due to liver damage, as well as abdominal pain. Bleeding in the mouth, the eyes, and the gastrointestinal tract cause vomit containing blood, hence the Spanish name for yellow fever, vómito negro ("black vomit").

Childhood/ Routine Immunization program in the United Kingdom:

Currently there is no Routing Immunization program for YF.

Yellow Fever at Bell Pharmacy Bow:

NATHTAC is responsible for training and monitoring yellow fever and its staff.

To obtain a valid vaccination certificate against yellow fever, it is necessary to be vaccinated in an approved vaccination centre so that an International Certificate of Vaccination can be issued. This certificate is valid from 10 days after the first dose of vaccine.

At Bell Pharmacy Bow, we are in process of obtaining this certificate and we will provide this vaccine very soon.

Travellers going to destinations with Yellow Fever outbreaks:

Travellers travelling in 10 days’ time You will receive one dose and this protects you for life long. A certificate of YF is valid 10 days after administration of the vaccine

Inclusion and Exclusion list:

For patients aged 9 months or older. There are inclusion and exclusion list that will be discussed with you during your appointment. You will be asked to fill in an assessment form with all your vaccination history details as well as any medical condition. Also we will go through any allergic reactions you might have. You can download the form here or you can fill it in during your appointment.

Name of the Vaccines subject to availabilities:

Name of the Vaccine Type of Vaccine Schedule (see notes above) Price per schedule including consultation
STAMARIL Attenuated live vaccine 1 dose £58

Side effects:

The most common side effects are local reactions (pain, erythema, induration and oedema) within 48 hours after vaccination, and persisting for 1-2 days. Other possible side effects include headache, muscle pain, injection site pain, injection site tenderness and tiredness.

Please visit http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/destinations.aspx, after putting your destinations, this website will advise you which vaccines are needed. This website is regularly updated and is authorised by NHS.

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